Leadership Strategies for Optimal Engagement


Corporate Training

People represent the center of gravity of any organization. We've leveraged the most current research on human behavior and blended it with the most complex military doctrine in existence to deliver a product that has direct and immediate application within corporate environments.  The Asymmetric Mind™ Corporate Leadership Program is designed to disrupt the way we think about traditional leadership practices and view employee engagement through a radically different lens.

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Government Training

In order to understand the nature of public service, we must first understand the meaning of the word 'sacrifice.' The Asymmetric Mind™ Government Leadership Program is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced within the service professions.  Culturally competent and grounded in reality, this program is designed to unlock the full potential of the leadership attributes that organizational leaders already possess and maximize their use to drive high performance teams.

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Clinical Training

Tailored to behavioral health providers working with the military and first responder communities, the Asymmetric Mind™ Clinical Program delivers advanced cultural training that maximizes your ability to establish productive therapeutic relationships with clients. This program takes you from "clinician to counterinsurgent."  We combined the most complex military doctrine with the most advanced modalities of psychological trauma and synthesized a product that helps defeat "the insurgency of the mind."

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Professional Speaking

Josh Mantz, the CEO and founder of Asymmetric Mind™, is an accomplished speaker and best selling author.  Be it leadership, engagement, or overcoming psychological adversity, Josh's message emanates from pure experience and transforms audiences inside a short window of access.  After being killed on the streets of Baghdad by an enemy sniper and dying for 15 minutes before being revived, Josh chooses to use his "second life" to inspire others to lead and transform, both at the individual and organizational levels.    

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