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Asymmetric Mind™ is a product of 15 years of direct leadership experience within some of  the most challenging environments in the world. Stemming from a foundation at West Point, the nation's premiere leadership institute, CEO Josh Mantz led units in counterinsurgency environments in Baghdad (often considered to be the "graduate level of warfare" due to its complexity), repaired fractured medical units, and build leadership development programs and engagement platforms for Fortune 500 companies in the private sector.  Josh has synthesized the leadership concepts that universally led to success in each of these environments and delivers them in a manner that can be internalized by any organization. Learn more about Josh's experience here.

Our Approach


Our leadership training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. We have a vested interest in developing a productive relationship with your team and serving you as a trusted partner. To maximize your training experience, we recommend the following:  

-Pre-event conferance call 30 days prior to the event. Advanced collaboration is imperative in order to ensure that our content mutually supports the intent of your executive leadership profile.  

-During the event, we're committed to spending time "off stage" with your employees.  Feel free to invite us to socials, meet with your clients, or participate in 5k runs. Whatever you're doing, we'll be a part of it if you want us there - we're part of your team.

-We don't believe in selling books, signing books, or marketing ourselves on event day.  We are there for you.  If you want to do book signings, we recommend hosting it at a time when it doesn't detract from audience engagement.

-After your event is complete, we'll conduct a follow up conference call with your team to answer any questions that may have been sparked by the training, clarify any concepts that were discussed, and accept any feedback that you may have for us. 

Why Us?


Be it a keynote address or a full day workshop, there's a relatively small window of access to transform the way an audience thinks about a given topic.  We ensure success in this area in a few ways:

-Josh Mantz brings his professional speaking experience to every venue to ensure your team will remain engaged and vibrant throughout the event. Key concepts are distilled and delivered in ways that are immediately applicable and always remembered.

-The Asymmetric Mind™ leadership content is truly novel, combining relationship-centric counterinsurgency doctrine with the psychology of human behavior, offering a new lens to view leadership practices and employee engagement strategies. In short, this isn't repackaged training material. Its real, its connected, and its designed to disrupt they way we view traditional approaches to these topics.

-One of the most overlooked and neglected leadership "azimuths" is self-leadership.  Josh takes this seriously and leads by example. He doesn't teach anything that he hasn't personally applied in real-world environments, and commits to a disciplined approach to comprehensive wellness, introspection, and self-evaluation that contributes to the relevancy of his teachings.  

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