Asymmetric Mind Clinical Academy


The Asymmetric Mind Clinical Academy delivers advanced training in cultural competency, moral injury, and psychological trauma to clinicians working with the military and first responder populations.  Our content is expertly positioned to empower clinicians to rapidly establish trust with clients, accurately identify the root causes(s) of trauma, and increase client retention.

The foundational Asymmetric Therapist course is the first program of its kind to approach moral wounds (shame, guilt, powerlessness, betrayal) through the lens of the modern operating environment (namely, asymmetric warfare and counterinsurgency) as it directly pertains to the warfighter.

We invite you to explore some of the video clips and course descriptions below.

The Truth Behind Trauma - An Introduction to Moral Injury

It's well known that military personnel and first responders tend to display a higher degree of resilience in the face of life-threatening situations than people outside of those professions, but wrestling with complex emotions like shame and guilt is far more challenging to overcome.  This module distinguishes moral injury from post-traumatic stress and lays the foundation for resolving moral wounds.

Shame - The Insurgency of the Mind

The moral wounds of guilt, shame, powerlessness, and betrayal often form the root cause of chronic traumatic distress, yet our collective understanding of these topics are widely misunderstood.  This module uncovers the complexity of moral wounds and prepares clinicians to identify them.

Insurgency & Counterinsurgency- The Philosophy of Modern War

Since the attacks of 9/11, the nature of combat transformed from a conventional battlefield to an asymmetric landscape.  Counterinsurgency is often described as "the graduate level of warfare" due to its immense complexity, but its also a war we were wholly unprepared to fight.  This course walks clinicians through the labyrinth of variables generated by this environment that can elicit moral wounds.

Paradoxes of Counterinsurgency

Modern combat and policing operations flip conventional warfare tactics upside down.  Counterinsurgency is a war of paradoxes demanding that service members and police accept far more risk upon themselves. This multi-part series unpacks the 9 paradoxes of counterinsurgency through the lens of psychological trauma and moral injury.

Leadership in the Modern Operating Environment

Whether it be actual or perceived, exposure to toxic leadership can be among the most damaging things to the service member's emotional state. Here we discuss the multi-dimensional nature of leadership and its relationship to the moral wounds of powerlessness and betrayal. 

"From Clinician to Counterinsurgent"

Though they may not realize it, clinicians already possess some of the very best qualities of the very best counterinsurgents.  Qualities of empathy, humility, and building trusted relationships are crucial for success in the modern operating environment.  This module compares elements of counterinsurgency doctrine with the therapeutic process, and reinforces our understanding of counterinsurgency's complexity through the lens of the therapist.