The Asymmetric Therapist™

Advanced Cultural Competency Training for Practicioners working with Military and First Responders

The Asymmetric Mind™ Clinical Program offers advanced cultural competency training to clinicians working with the military and first responder populations.  This highly unique approach teaches relevant aspects of asymmetrical warfare doctrine through the lens of psychological trauma; a synthesis of two highly complex topics delivered in an easy-to-understand format that is immediately applicable and relevant to the provider.

The nature of the modern operating environment is asymmetrical, paradoxical, and flips conventional military doctrine on its head.  Few understand it. These environments present a dangerous breeding ground for moral and ethical wounds. The Asymmetric Mind™ content is designed to empower clinicians with the context needed to identify the root cause of psychological trauma, refine narratives of the past, establish a trusted environment, validate the experiences of clients, and LEAD clients through the process of transformation.

 30% of the therapeutic outcome is attributed to the strength of the therapeutic relationship between clinician and client.  RAND and VA studies estimate that only 5-20% of clinicians have a firm grasp on the complexities of the military and first responder cultures.  In order to enhance the therapeutic relationship, we must establish trust.  In order to establish trust, we must have a firm grasp on the cultural grounds through which the clients have traversed.

With expertise in both psychological trauma and counterinsurgency doctrine, Josh Mantz is in a unique position to bridge the gap between client and clinician.  The objective of this program is to create an ecosystem of 10,000 culturally competent practitioners by the year 2022.  The program is delivered in the form of in-person workshops and interactive online training personally facilitated by Josh.

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2019 Workshop Dates


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8-Week Program (Register Here)

May 7th - June 25th 2019

Webinars Meet Tuesday's @ 11AM PST

8-Week Program (Register Here)

May 7th - June 25th 2019

Webinars Meet Tuesday's @ 2PM PST

The Asymmetric Therapist™ Course Overview

The Asymmetric Therapist™ Course provides advanced cultural competency training for clinicians working with the military and first responder populations, allowing practitioners to understand the modern operating environment through the lens of psychological trauma.  This video sets the context for the course and briefly reviews each of the eight modules.


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Asymmetric Therapist Course (8-Week Program)


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