Asymmetric Mind™ Leadership Training

A New Lens for Employee Engagement and Leadership

With specific adaptations for both corporations and government organizations, the Asymmetric Mind Leadership Program is designed to disrupt the way we traditionally view leadership practices and employee engagement strategies by viewing the power of relationships through a radically different lens.  Utilizing an innovative blend of psychology and counterinsurgency doctrine, this content provides us with an asymmetrical perspective on human behavior that is applicable at the individual and organizational levels.

Ideally delivered in partial-day or full-day workshops and tailored to the specific needs of your organization, participants attending this workshop will be able to:

-Discuss the multi-directional nature of leadership, describe the 5 leadership azimuths (inward, upward, downward, outward, and lateral), and identify the leadership characteristics that are universally applicable to each.

-Establish trusted relationships and facilitate a safe and secure environment for employees that fosters continuous feedback.

-Explain the multiple reasons why "explaining the why" is a strategic asset to every leader.

-Describe the nature of asymmetrical warfare (the foundation of which is relationship-based, grounded in empathy, humility, and trust) and how it relates to engagement.

-Summarize the sometimes paradoxical nature of leadership and apply methods to overcome emotionally charged situations.

- Utilize concepts of human behavior to satisfy the basics needs of your employee population.

-Discuss the concept of human inertia and apply methods to attract employees to the organizational cause, mission, and purpose.

-Describe the factors that make an organization resilient against disengaged employees (primarily, resoluteness, solidarity, control, knowledge, and skill).

-Apply targeted engagement strategies that turn data into a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

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(Note: For government organizations and federal purchasers, Asymmetric Mind™ is a SDVOSB organization in the SAM system.  Please contact us below for our Capabilities Statement.)

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