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Josh Mantz inspires and transforms audiences. His philosophy surrounding his approach to public speaking events emanates from a place of passion, discipline, and responsibility. "If I'm working someone individually for 30 minutes, one on one," says Josh, "there's a high likelihood that I'll be able to help that person internalize the concept we're discussing. But at the end of that 30 minute conversation, I've only impacted one person's life.  On stage, where thousands of people are present, that 30 minute time slot now has the potential to transform thousands of people. This is why I take speaking so seriously. It's my responsibility as a speaker to engage the audience and make the talk applicable to them.  With a message that has the capacity to enhance their quality of life, the stakes are high. Its all about them (the audience)."

Not many people can say that they survived a fatal gunshot wound. Fewer have surpassed the 15-minute flatline mark, and even fewer walk away with full recollection of the experience. This is what occurred in Josh's life back in 2007 after being shot and killed by an enemy sniper in Baghdad. Not only did he survive, but he voluntarily returned to Baghdad only 5 months after his injury and continued to lead and serve with distinction.

A graduate of West Point and retired Army Major, Josh spent 10 years as an Infantry officer in the military. He's led units in counterinsurgency environments in Baghdad, often considered to be the "graduate level of warfare" due to its complexity, served as an Aide de Camp to a General officer, commanded and repaired fractured medical units, and subsequently held strategic positions in the private sector. Josh built Tesla's first leadership development program and trained all manufacturing and engineering leaders in the US and Europe while also being deeply involved in the simultaneous launching of their first employee engagement platform.  His leadership experience is diverse and Josh has consistently positioned himself to take on the most complex assignments.

With expertise in leadership strategies, employee engagement, and psychological adversity, Josh has synthesized messages that disrupt past constructs of the world, opening people up to creativity, innovation, and optimal performance across all domains of life.  Check out some of Josh's core topics below:


Core Topics


Multidimensional Leadership

Learn the core characteristics of effective leadership that are universally applicable in any environment. This engaging talk is infused with powerful vignettes from Josh's personal experience that help participants internalize the essence of effective leadership. Participants will:

-Understand the multidirectional and multidimensional nature of leadership:  Inward (self), Outward, Upward, Downward, and Lateral.

-Learn methods to build trusted relationships.

-Apply leadership strategies in a cross-cultural, cross-organizational, and cross-sector capacity.

Asymmetrical Engagement

In this radically unique approach, Josh blends the fundamental elements of counterinsurgency doctrine with the psychology of human behavior to deliver insights on employee engagement strategies that are sure to disrupt the ways leaders traditionally think about this crucial topic.  Participants will:

-Recognize the employee population as  being the "center of gravity" of an organization and learn how to meet their fundamental needs.

-Understand the factors that make organizations resilient towards disengaged employees - Solidarity, Resoluteness, Control, Knowledge, and Skill - along with methods to strategically enhance these qualities.

-Build organizational inertia by leveraging engagement strategies that turn data into sustainable action.

The Truth Behind Trauma

Creativity is the inverse of trauma. Adverse experiences leave us "trapped" in our past constructs of the world, often influencing our behavior and performance in the present moment. In order to innovate and create, we must disrupt the feedback loops of our past, derive meaning in our experiences, and integrate those concepts into our current lives. As Josh says, "I had to learn to accept the death of my old self before I could fully live in the present moment." Josh leverages his profound near-death experience and the factors that emerged along his 10-year journey to find meaning in his second life to give participants permission to transform.  Participants will:

-Gain an appreciation for the complexity and cumulative nature of psychologically adverse experiences.

-Understand the factors that lead to a  "tipping point" that catalyze the process of transformation.

-Learn the practices that allow us to "suffer productively" and achieve optimal performance in the face of adversity.

"We Never Quit"

Check out this inspirational short video that captures Josh's near death experience and the heroic efforts of the medical team that saved his life.

(Filmed by American Zealot Productions)

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